How Verivolt has improved it’s SELLING FLOW:


Verivolt is a manufacturing firm enabling engineers all around the world with the tools addressing power related applications.  Verivolt is a dominant provider of electrical products, like: Connectivity Accessories, Voltage Sensors, Current Sensors and Isolation & Protection. Verivolt’s aim is to deliver the best services with a precise flow for Sales and Inventory which was made possible by VPerfect CS with Odoo. Companies that are being served by Verivolt are: Google, General Electric, Tesla and many more.


Verivolt required an e-store with an ability to manage everything from SALES to SUPPLY efficiently.    Verivolt’s desire was to get a flow which eliminates the mismanagement that usually takes place in the chain of selling and delivering products to the clients.        


In the first phase we tailored an eCommerce Website which involved a Shop from where customers have the following facilities: 
-Product Filtering based on product prices and alphabetical order 
-Add to Shopping Cart 
-Showing the Total purchase made after adding product to the shopping cart 
-Billing and Shipping 
-Payment confirmation: Invoice sending via mail 
-Requesting the quote

The above mentioned are the core functionalities which Verivolt was concerned about.  Along with an e-store Verivolt needed an ERP solution which would help them with : Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, advanced MRP & HR. 

We have also completed Manufacturing Dashboard Implementation for finished goods & sub assembly product which include Subcontracting. As the system is in Odoo Community edition & Verivolt needed FedEx as delivery method, we implemented module for FedEx integration for international and national exchanges. DigiKey API integration is also performed, as DigiKey is the Supplier of Verivolt 

The whole system is implemented in Odoo Version 10 Community Edition and required customisation were also applied as needed.  

After 6 months as Verivolt got comfortable and familiar with Odoo, they wanted to migrate the system to the latest version of Odoo and we also performed migration in Version 11 community edition