Pay Tax for the amount paid from the Bill with Odoo
Cash Bases Tax

 Tax Paying Structure crafted by Odoo is super flexible and matured. It has made the whole concept of Tax Payment ease-going. Whether it’s a small scale business or a medium one or a large-scale, Odoo is making the Odoo Tax Paying quick, regardless of which country it is! Odoo Tax Engine is supporting many types of Taxes, like value-added taxes (VAT), eco-taxes, federal/states/city taxes, retention, withholding taxes, etc & almost for most of the countries, the system is pre-configured with the right taxes.  

But in the case, if customization is needed or as per the business there is a need to alter the methodology of paying the tax then Odoo accepts the customizations well and here in this blog, we are going to talk about the customizations VPerfect CS has done in Odoo Tax System. 

Now let me give a brief for the existing Odoo Tax System. It has the basic structure ready which includes: defining the taxes for specific use-cases, Labels on the invoices, having tax groups, including the analytics cost if its there in the invoice, adding tags and many more. 

But if the customer desires to pay for the amount that he/she has paid from the total bill then there’s no facility and VPerfect CS has implemented this functionality in Odoo Tax System and we have included some additional features too. Our Cash Basis Tax Report module comes up with the following customization: 

  • One can track the tax paid and also generate financial reports for the selected payment date range. 

  • One can also calculate the tax and amount paid within the selected payment date range for a single tax. 

  • One can easily generate a particular payment entry & know the tax and amount received for that particular tax of a single invoice.      

One can easily activate the Cash Basis Tax Report Module after purchasing. The whole process of how to activate the whole module is provided by VPerfect CS. So what are you waiting for, just visit the following link to know the activation process and start providing a unique facility to the lovely clients: 

And if you find any trouble in activating then feel free to contact us, either give us a call or fill the contact us form!  

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