Job Order Version 12 and 13
MRP Job Order


This module helps customise instant new or existing BOM from sale order for manufacture and MTO type products in sale order line and link it with its manufacturing order.


  • Select 'Is job order' on product to select manufacture and MTO routes.
  • When job order type product is selected on sale order a 'create job order' button is visible on sale order.
  • Blank job orders for respective products are created on sale order to customise BOM.
  • From job orders new bom can be created or existing bom of that product can be customised to assign them to the manufacturing order created from the sale order.
  • This way for one product multiple bom can be created spontaneuously as per sale order requirement to use them for particular manufacturing order.

Product Configuration                         

Sale Order With Job Order Type Products                         

Blank Job Orders Created On Sale Order

Job Order With BOM Type New                         

Job Order With BOM Type Existing                         

Job Order Button On Sale Order Line                         

Sale Order After Job Order Confirmation                         

Manufacturing Orders                         


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