Indian GST HSN Code Automation Management in Odoo

Indian GST HSN Code Automation Management in Odoo

This app facilitates the user in automating and managing HSN Codes and the applicable GST Rates on products and services of an organization with an ease.


The organisation needs to be a registered Indian organization.


The app's salient features are as below:

HSN Category:

The app provides a list of all the HSN categories prevalent under GST regulations of India, from which the user can select the categories applicable to their organization.

HSN Category Code Master:

When we click on any of the items above, it shows all the details on the GST rate applicability and the HSN Category Code under which it is applicable.

When we apply this HSN code to our product or service, the applicable GST rate is automatically applied on the orderline when we create a Sales Order or a Purchase Order as shown in the image below:

The most useful feature of this app is it automatically applies the applicable GST rate based on the Product or Service Type and the type of Transactional Flow of goods or service like interstate or intrastate.

This helps the user to avoid reviewing manually the applicable HSN code or  calculating the applicable GST rate every time while transacting the goods or services.

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