Bon Appetit with Odoo Kitchen POS
Kitchen POS

 Odoo Restaurant provides functionalities for managing the restaurant work-flow but for the main player of the restaurant that is “Chef” there aren’t many features and functionalities and for accompanying the front and back army also there isn’t any facility. 

So VPerfect CS has worked on the Odoo POS Kitchen Module and created our version where we have the screen for the chefs so they can check the orders placed and based on the details filled for the order they prepare the dishes. Plus the front team and back team can work in sync as the updates and everything appears on both the side so there’s no confusion with the orders which usually is the main concern. 

The kitchen workflow management is important to maintain the quintessence of enjoying a perfect meal else it will become abate.  

Now think of the other side of the coin, that is chefs, kitchen manager or owner, they have an immense to-do task needed to be managed simultaneously, as every petit detail does count. 

So a well-defined & a bespoke Kitchen POS with a well-organizable and user-friendly work-flow becomes a necessity that empowers the kitchen’s durability and helps in eliminating all chaos happening around. A well-choreographed Kitchen POS for both front- and the back house will help in procuring exceptional customer experience with the great assistance of the technology in defining roles & maintaining standardized communication & delivering delicious delicacies. VPerfect CS has already designed and developed a Kitchen POS which can liberate the task on ticking of a clock.  

With Kitchen POS Screen we can add order priority, limited categorized products and can use different colors in the background for product type(veg or non-veg). Features that our Kitchen Screen POS is delivering are: 

  1. Everything is in one place: It’s User-Friendly

  2. Looks are important! : It’s attractive. 

  3. Tracking: Chef can update the state of order line to Cooking, Ready to Serve, Done (Served) 

  4. Colorful: Based on product category colors changes

  5. Keep back house team vigilant: Make `Bell` sound when new order or new line ordered. 

  6. Everything falls on the table a the specified time: Priority of every order can be set. 

  7. Bank house and front housework hand-in-hand: The Cashier/Waiter screens are auto-synchronized with the states.


Talking about food reminded me of a saying by George Bernard Shaw “There is no sincere love than the love of food”.  So let’s implant the Kitchen POS by VPerfect CS and please the customers with timely delivery, accurate ordering format, mouth-watering dishes, and hassle-free experience for all the avid foodie out there.   

And if you want to implement it or have any questions for implementing Kitchen POS, don’t hesitate! Just give us a call or fill the Contact Us form!

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